Epimedium Macun in Jhang – 03025023431 – Order Now

Epimedium Macun in Jhang – 03025023431 – Order Now



Epimedium Macun – Turkish No. #1 Epimedium Macun – 100% Herbal for Men Testosterone Booster

Epimedium Macun In Pakistan – herbal aphrodisiac (also called attractive goat weed) is a 100% herbal product based totally on the gifts of nature that offer effects just like the ones of the chemical materials with no stress or bad consequences. the primary ingredient of the product is epimedium, a herb called in Chinese yin yang huo, i.e. the herb that balances the yin and yang. the phlegmatic British name it for obvious motives “horny goat weed”. it stimulates the erectile function of fellows and increases blood go with the flow to vaginal tissues of women.

Health Benefits For Men:

It increases sperm count.
It increases fertilization and boosts sexual power.
It provides a strong erection of masculinity.
It prolongs the duration of the erection.

Health Benefits For Women:

It increases libido in women.
It increases the secretion of estrogen in women.
It provides mental relief and pleasure to women.
It figures out the vaginal drying and secretion problems.

What is Themra Epimedium Macun?

It’s approved by the Turkish Food, Agriculture, and Livestock Ministry. Epimedium man is a 100% natural organic aphrodisiac that offers similar results as chemical drugs without negative side effects. What to expect: Increases lust, sexual desire, and sex drive. Make her happy in bed.

How do I use epimedium macun?

The use of the product stimulates muscle growth, increases body endurance, improves blood circulation in muscles and tissues, and increases testosterone levels and general body tone. For best results, the product should be taken 30 minutes prior to physical activity. Do not have to mix with water etc.

How to use Themra Epimedium Turkish Honey Mix?

Both men and women can use theThemra Epimedium Turkish Honey Mix. The strength pastes created with the components it contains should be used as much as a teaspoon once a day. It is recommended to use on a full stomach. So we recommend the use of the so-called extent.

Imported Themra Epimedium Macun Price in Pakistan is Rs: 9,449.00 PKR


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